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23 Mar 2015
Devon Digital Design logo design

Logo design

To better represent its expanding reputation, website developer Devon Digital Design (DDD) commissioned Lathwell & Associates to design a more 'grown up', professional-looking logo that would stand the test of time.

Adaptability is the key to any logo's longevity, so our starting point, as always, was to produce a design that works in its simplest form: small, mono, reversed out of a background, and equally effective in landscape and portrait layouts. The developer's new logo also had to be suitable for a broad spectrum of digital and print media, and hold its own without dominating when next to the examples in DDD's portfolio.

After several 'napkin' brainstorming sessions, in which we pencil-sketched some visual concepts to exchange with DDD, we came up with a boldly simple logo design based on the font Gill Sans.

Michael at DDD has a very funny take on his experience of working with us. Check it out here.


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