King Edward's School & The Robert Gordon University

Prospectus, graphic design, branding, photo montage

Every organisation wants to stand out and attract attention, but an effective brand identity should do so much more. At a glance, it should immediately convey not only your offering but your culture - saying to your target audience: 'Yes, we're relevant to you.'

King Edward's School wanted to promote its new Sixth Form facilities with an emphasis on its success in Art. Our response was to base the prospectus design on the Sixth Form common room's Roy Lichtenstein artwork, while maintaining a link to the school's well-respected and more traditional identity through creative use of its logo.

Our brief from The Robert Gordon University was quite different: to position it as a career-enhancing institution for Post Graduates. Our design focused on highlighting key messages such as 'strong financial backing' and 'great results' through the use of impactful statistics such as  '£100m invested' and 'top 10'. This, along with contemporary photography and colours immediately present RGU as a progressive, collaborative, modern and thriving institution.

We've worked extensively with a wide range of educational institutions and their foundations to achieve different, stand-out and appropriate identities, such as: