Atmos logo corporate identity graphic design
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Atmos International

Corporate branding, visual identity, logo, brochures, PowerPoint, signage, banners, e-newsletter, EDM, advertising, event, collateral, copywriting, PR

Manchester-based Atmos International (Atmos) has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Its pipeline leak detection and simulation technology solutions are now implemented on more than 600 pipelines in 55 countries, for clients such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobil Total and Sydney Airport. However, in the wake of such swift expansion, the company's brand was inevitably being interpreted slightly differently in each region which threatened to dilute its identity.

Enter Lathwell & Associates, which won the competitive bid to create a new, dynamic and consistent global brand for Atmos.

We first gave the company a more contemporary and versatile logo. We created a roundel from the 'o' in its name - the circular shape representing the company's global reach, the green referencing how the Atmos solutions help protect the environment, and the horizontal lines signifying the pipelines which the Atmos solutions help clients to manage. Importantly, this approach gave Atmos a distinctive stand-alone marque to stamp on all its hardware.

Next, Atmos wanted to help its clients and sales staff more easily navigate its extensive library of product collateral, in order to quickly find the information they need - regardless of nationality and language. We achieved this by developing a suite of icons and spot-coloured black and white images supported by sector-specific colour codes.

This graphics-based style was then tied together with a bespoke suite of typographical devices, and the new tagline 'We are pipeline technology'.

Finally, we rolled out this new branding to an extensive range of templates, and provided a comprehensive set of Guidelines for both the visual and written communication elements of the new branding. This is empowering staff around the world to create their own region-specific sales, event and marketing materials while consistently reinforcing Atmos' desired image.

In Phase Two, we're supporting the organisation's PR campaign, copywriting editorial ranging from multi-page thought leadership pieces for World Pipelines to punchy news announcements for the daily newsletters of industry expos around the world.